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Mental Health Pillar Partner: Cenovus Energy

Reducing stigma and empowering strength.

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, one in two Canadians have or have had a mental illness by the time they reach 40, which prevents nearly 500,000 Canadians from working each week.

With this statistic in mind, the Calgary Chamber is pleased to work with Cenovus Energy as our Mental Health Pillar Partner. This three-year endeavor will focus on promoting better mental health and encouraging employees, leaders and employees to maintain an ongoing focus on their well-being and the well-being of those around them.

Cenovus has prioritized mental health across its company through thoughtful discussion and effective resources and now will be partnering on the Chamber’s mental health events, including the Mental Health Forum and the National Depression Screening Day event. The Cenovus team will also support continuous thought leadership in the mental health space, distributed through the Calgary Chamber’s website and social channels to increase reach to Calgary’s business community.

Through this partnership, the Chamber will work with Cenovus to provide specialized programs, amplified focus on open discussions about mental health and proactive approaches to addressing mental health concerns. Stay tuned for the launch of this programming later this year.

Mental Health Toolkit

Whether you need support, want to learn more about supporting your own or a family member's mental health, or seek others ways to get involved, the Chamber is pleased to recommend resources and supports that are available within our community and local membership base. Access our mental health toolkit that includes essential resources, services and support to better address and navigate your mental health.

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Events & Programming

In partnership with the Chamber, Cenovus Energy will be supporting various mental health events, including the May 15 Mental Health Forum and the National Depression Screening Day event, as well as unique programming to be launched later this year.

Through educational programs, amplifying discussions about mental health and providing actionable tools and resources to proactively approach mental health concerns, we can make progress in helping Calgarians handle their concerns early and often.

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Thought Leadership

Access thought leadership from Cenovus Energy and learn more about the importance of prioritizing mental health, proactive approaches that promote wellness and valuable resources and tools that can assist in maintaining mental health and well-being. Stay tuned to this page as content is released, providing invaluable insights within the mental health space.

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