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Leadership Pillar Partner: Bright Wire Leadership

Helping business leaders reach their fullest potential.

Bright Wire team

The world needs better leaders—brave individuals who are willing to answer back to tomorrow's hard questions and bear the responsibility of writing our shared future.

The Calgary Chamber is excited to work with Bright Wire Leadership as our Leadership Pillar Partner. This premier endeavour will focus on building up the best leaders to bolster Calgary’s business community.

Bright Wire works with top leaders in dynamic businesses supporting them on their journeys to discover the true power of their own potential. They help them drive results for their businesses and implement programs that foster leadership across the organization, with a relentless focus on getting better.

We have worked with Bright Wire to develop unique programming including Leadership Forum for CEOs, business owners and senior business leaders, and periodic Power Hour webinars.

Group of people seated with Bright Wire coach

Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum brings together experienced and emerging business leaders for collaborative learning, knowledge sharing and mutual growth. Exclusive to Calgary Chamber members, participants will harness the expertise of seasoned leaders and enhance their decision-making capabilities, strategy formulation skills, leadership development capabilities and overall business leadership agility. Leadership Forum provides a confidential, and in-person, monthly meeting for leaders to engage in meaningful discussions with peers, guided by distinguished Master Facilitators and Professional Coaches with Bright Wire Leadership.

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Power Hours

Bright Wire's Power Hour webinars are free and exclusive to Chamber members. These are one-hour, high-impact micro-learning modules featuring relevant, timely, and customizable leadership development topics. Used to build insight, awareness, and confidence in capability development, Power Hours create interactive and engaging learning experiences that are transformative, rather than simply informative. Participants learn, practice, and act on the learning, and leave with immediately applicable tools and resources.

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Thought Leadership

Access thought leadership from Bright Wire Leadership and grow your leadership skills through lessons, theories and strategies. Stay tuned to this page as content is released, providing invaluable insights on the successes and challenges facing leaders at all levels.

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