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May 31 2019

Business leaders unite around Canada’s resource economy

CANADA – Business leaders from coast-to-coast are teaming up to raise awareness of the importance of Canada’s natural resource economy.

The Canadians for Natural Resources campaign is an initiative coordinated by the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC). The aim of the campaign is to bring conversations to kitchen tables across Canada about the role energy has in our country, and what the future looks like.

Currently, more than 1.82 million Canadians are directly or indirectly employed by Canada’s resource economy. In addition, Canada exports more than $236 billion worth of natural resources every year. Yet, Canada struggles to not only reach markets abroad, but also within its own borders. As a result, Canada’s natural resources are selling at a discounted rate, resulting in less investment in our social services and economy.

Through the campaign, the CGCC is asking for all Canadians to talk about how we can further develop our country’s natural resources as we head into a pivotal federal election this fall.

The CGCC includes chambers and boards of trade in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Brampton, Toronto, Montréal and Halifax and will officially launch the initiative at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual general meeting in Quebec City on May 30. The campaign will capitalize on a series of events leading up to and throughout the federal election in October to get its messages out to Canadians.

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“We are proud to work in collaboration with chambers from coast-to-coast to spark a national dialogue on the importance of our natural resources. As Canadians, we must take swift action to increase access to international markets for our natural resources, which will enable additional investments in new technology and innovation in support of our energy transition. Canada is, and should increasingly be, a trusted and preferred supplier of low-carbon products to the world.”

Hon. Iain Black, President and CEO, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

“Canadians don’t have to choose between high-quality jobs in the energy sector and doing our part to address climate change. By securing access to new markets, Canadians will get a fair price for our natural resources and reduce global reliance on the energy sources that generate far greater emissions than Canadian oil and gas.”

Janet Riopel, President and CEO, Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

“Our energy future relies on getting a fair price for our natural resources, building a concrete path towards a lower carbon economy domestically and applying our energy efficiency expertise, technology and products around the world to make a game-changing difference to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Sandip Lalli, President and CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

“Canada is a pace setter in responsible, innovative and sustainable development of natural resources. When Canadian resources are able to get to global markets, we do more than trade – we generate prosperity for millions of Canadians and share our expertise for positive global impact. In October, Canadians have a true opportunity to support our national resource sector and to shape a responsible economy and environment, here and abroad.”

Loren Remillard, President and CEO, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

“It goes hand-in-hand, Canada can be a global leader in energy innovation and has an obligation to meet growing demand, by getting our resources to energy-impoverished markets world-wide. Likewise, Canada’s inability to move our natural resources to global markets hampers our ability to afford investments in infrastructure, education and healthcare right here at home.”

Todd Letts, President and CEO, Brampton Chamber of Commerce.

“Our natural resource sector is essential to building a prosperous Canada from coast to coast to coast. The growth and success of a competitive Toronto region, the fourth largest commercial centre in North America, is dependent on a strong energy economy. All provinces must work together to bring our resources to market.”

Jan De Silva, President and CEO, Toronto Board of Trade.

“Canada has an opportunity to drive the world’s energy transition. Technology and innovation are amongst our country’s strengths. They are powerful tools which must be leveraged to build a long-term strategy for our natural resources while maintaining our ability to sell our resources at world prices. Today’s decisions will impact Canada’s ability to become a clean energy leader for decades to come. With our expertise, entrepreneurial culture and industrial network, we have all the assets required to take the lead.”

Michel Leblanc, President and CEO, Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montréal.

“We need to get a fair price for our natural resources today, to invest, so that future generations can have access to reliable, affordable and renewable energy to fuel their daily lives and support a healthy environment and growing economy.”

Patrick Sullivan, President and CEO, Halifax Chamber of Commerce.


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